Kumaruum mirror houses

We sincerely hope we can help you find a way to make a small dream come true.

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Ideal living environment

Kumaruum mirror houses can be custom built.

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We sincerely hope we can help you find a way to make a small dream come true.

The glass house allows you to create housing quickly and conveniently

On our website you will find an overview of the Mirror House and you can send us your inquiry via the inquiry form. Our architects will review your order and contact you.

Comfort starts with smartness

We are an Estonian company with decades of construction experience. The quarantine periods caused by the corona inspired us to look for solutions to situations that people were significantly less exposed to in the past: long days in the home office, the desire to be isolated in an environment that supports concentration and peace of mind…
Kumaruum klaasmaja
Kumaruum klaasmaja


The finished mirror house can be created exactly as unique as you want. The houses we have built are compact and well-thought-out to have all the basic amenities, such as a kitchen, shower, toilet and double bed.

All you need is a place where you feel good

Our goal is to build high-tech houses with a well-thought-out plan using high-quality building materials.

Be smart — live where you want, when you want


High standards,

low environmental impact

We use the best quality materials in our construction and do not accept any concessions in this regard. The exterior walls of the mirror glass give you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of natural light and the sights of the seasons without anyone seeing you from outside. The choice of materials for the floor, fourth exterior wall, roof and terrace of the house is yours: wood, tin or other material … everything can be done.