Kumaruum offers the opportunity to create a mirror house exactly like you imagine. Do you want a specific interior design element from a well-known brand? No problem!


Kumaruum creates a pleasant and stress-free environment.

It is possible to live all year round in the mirror house. The house keeps it warm enough. When there is daylight outside, you cannot see inside the house - you only see a reflection of yourself. If it is dark or dim outside and there is light in the house, you can see inside. Blackout curtains can be used to solve this problem.

kumaruum peegelmaja plaan

Plan of the mirror house

In the house you have created, it is possible to install all the amenities that should be in one household, be it water, electricity or heating systems. It is also possible to create a terrace around the house.

The installation of a mirror house does not require a foundation or a building permit if it is not established in the detailed plan of the area.

Premade solution


Floor ceramic tiles, glass shower cubicle, shower faucet, toilet bowl with in-wall frame, extractor hood with humidity sensor, dimmable LED lighting, 50L boiler. Photos and plan of the finished solution can be found in the gallery.


Kitchen furniture with appliances stove, microwave, hood, refrigerator, dimmable LED lighting and sink with faucet. Living room floor covering (LVT), dimmable LED lighting and plugs, wardrobe with drawers, Air heat pump MITSUBISHI, glass wall between the living room and the shower room.


Glasshouse premade solution price is 34 320€

Fast construction

The house in Kumuumi is completed quickly and without any compromises on the quality of construction. Delivery time depends on the delivery time of the frame material and the mirror glass. Generally, the house should be ready for delivery approximately 3 months after the conclusion of the contract.


Mirrorhoues consist of cross laminated timber (CLT) panels. Such a wooden house is easy to plan and it is possible to live in it all year round.


With the experience and good construction material, we are able to offer a solution that is both high quality and at the same time offering the entire service at a reasonable price.


No, this house may be installed without the foundation.

In general, the installing of this house does not need a construction permit. However, in case the location has a zoning plan, the installing of the house must be coordinated.

In case the house you are planning has a sink, toilet and lights, then such utilities are, indeed, needed.

Yes, the house is insulated well enough for winter stays.

Electrically driven heat pump makes sure your house is warm.

During daylight, no one sees into the house from the outside – the only thing visible in the mirrored walls is the reflection of the looker. When it’s dark or getting dark and the inside lights are on, it’s possible to see what is going on inside. This problem can be dealt with by using special curtains.

Yes, if you wish, we may also construct a terrace which you like.  

The capacity should be at least 3*8A. 

The price of the house primarily depends on the cost of the materials  and choices while furnishing it. The price does not include the setting up of or providing access to the utilities (electricity, water, sewage networks), the coordination of the construction notification (if applicable), the laying of the foundation (if applicable), the rental cost of heavy machinery to instal the house, or cost of transportation, including road tax. 

The delivery time depends on how quickly the framework and the mirrored glass is delivered, but we estimate that your house is ready to be delivered within 3 months after the signing of the contract.

CLT plaat
Our mirrored glass houses are made from cross laminated timber (CLT) elements which consist of at least three cross laminated layers of timber. These elements are very strong and can bear large weights, which is why they enable various architectural solutions and combination with other construction materials. Additionally, CLT elements crate a good and healthy living environment, guaranteed by favourable humidity level, inherent to timber houses. ä

KUMARUUM constructs your new mirrored glass house quickly and without any discounts on the construction quality.